In the spring of 2013, we began selling dog leashes, primarily through the Knickerbocker Road Animal Clinic. They are great people, and you should buy some pet food from them as well.

Leashes come in two styles: basic and fancy. Both leashes can use a variety of leash clips, depending on the size of the animal. The leashes themselves are stronger than the clips, no matter which leash style you use. The differences between the two leash types are purely asthetic - the basic leash is functional, while the fancy leash makes use of advanced knots to hide the cord ends and make a more attractive leash. For those who are curious about such things, the basic leash contains around 40 feet of cord, while the fancy leash contains around 60 feet.

Leashes are assumed to be 4 feet (120 cm) from clip to the top of the handle. Leashes are almost exclusively custom orders, and can be made with one or two colors of cord. Basic leashes are $20, and fancy leashes are $30.

We try to keep the colors shown below in stock, but some supply chain issues do arise at times. We also have some other colors in limited supply. Reflective colors add $5 to the cost of a leash.