In the autumn of 2012, we began selling dog collars, primarily through the Knickerbocker Road Animal Clinic. They are great people, and you should buy some pet food from them as well.

Dog collars are made on 1/2" or 5/8" black buckles, in thicker weaves than are common on bracelets. We attach a forged D-ring near the buckle to hang tags from. Although we believe the design is sturdy, we haven't tested how it will handle a strong dog who likes to pull. But, we also think separate collars or harnesses are a great idea for walking your dog!

Due to the high variability in pet sizes, we don't keep many collars in stock, but feel free to stop by the clinic to see some examples. We are currently charging $8 for small collars (shorter than 10"), and $10 for larger collars (over 10").

We try to keep the colors shown below in stock, but some supply chain issues do arise at times. We also have some other colors in limited supply. Reflective colors add $2 to the cost of a collar.