Our biggest fundraiser is parachute cord bracelets. These are also known as survival bracelets. Parachute cord is a very practical product, which can be used for many lifesaving purposes. Long used in the military to lash things together and patch tent lines, it has a 550 pound breaking strength and is resistant to mildew and other degradation. Reflective cord has a decreased breaking strength. We maintain a stock of bracelets at the San Angelo Nature Center, or you can have a custom bracelet made.

We generally make bracelets on 3/8" plastic side-relese buckles in a variety of colors. We also have 1/2" and 5/8" plastic buckles, and metal adjustable shackles. The metal shackles do cost more. Metal shackles have a breaking strength of greater than 700 pounds, so we do not recommend these bracelets for use near machinery or for children.

We try to keep the colors shown below in stock, but some supply chain issues do arise at times. We also have some other colors in limited supply.